Innovation Series 2021: Episode Seven
Genomics and Pharmaceutical Innovation
with Ali Urman (Analyst, ARK Invest)

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When: July 13th, 2021

Where: Anywhere you are! 


  • Ali Urman (Analyst, ARK Invest)
  • Dan White (Client Portfolio Specialist, ARK Invest)

Lisa Lake Langley, CEO & President, Emerge Canada Inc. sat down with Ali Urman (Analyst, ARK Invest) to discuss the latest developments in cancer therapies, gene therapy, CRISPR-Cas9, and Intellia.

Here are some of the questions asked: 

  • There has been a big lift in the genomics market & Intellia stock due to the recent developments in their studies. Do you expect this to continue and are there other studies that are coming out?
  • Could you provide an update on the COVID-19 variants?
  • Could you explain the difference in technology between Intellia and CRISPR Therapeutics?
  • Recently, an article was published about new born babies in the U.K having their genome sequenced to spot health conditions. How far do you think this is from North America and how would it impact DNA sequencing positions?