Innovation Series 2021:
Innovation Update with Cathie Wood (CEO/CIO, ARK Invest)

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When: June 22nd, 2021

Where: Anywhere you are! 


  • Catherine Wood (CEO/CIO, ARK Invest)
  • Ren Leggi (Client Portfolio Manager, ARK Invest)

Lisa Lake Langley, CEO & President, Emerge Canada Inc. sat down with Cathie Wood (CEO/CIO, ARK Invest) to discuss innovation, inflation, market volatility and future projections. 

Here are some of the questions asked: 

  • How do you stay disciplined and focused on your long-term investment thesis in periods in extreme volatility?
  • Do the companies that you’re buying during this opportunistic time have significant debt and would that add to a potential risk if inflation actually takes off?
  • We do not have exposure to Bitcoin in EARK but one of our new positions includes Coinbase, could you comment on this move?