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Should a Canadian resident purchase shares of a Canadian or U.S.-domiciled Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

Are you a Canadian resident who has the option to buy either a Canadian-domiciled ETF or a U.S.-domiciled ETF with the same underlying portfolio manager? Domiciled means where the funds originate, their country of origin.

With ARK Invest you have access to both families of ETFs as even U.S. listed ETFs can be purchased in Canada, even though U.S. non-registered sub-advisors can not promote funds in Canada. Emerge Canada created the Emerge ARK ETFs with ARK Invest as the sub-advisor in both a US$ version and CAD$ version to solve this problem and create a better Ark Invest opportunity for Canadian investors in Canada.

Canadian domiciled and Canadian listed ETFs are better suited for Canadian residents because it is not considered U.S. property and you benefit from Canadian listed ETF tax advantages. For more information on the tax implication of buying U.S. listed ETF as a Canadian resident please see below for a short webinar and our tax fact available to download.

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Catch the replay of our special tax segment with Dean Smith (Partner, Cadesky Tax)

Some of the questions asked: 
– Are there any differences if U.S listed ETFs are held within an RRSP or TFSA?
– If U.S listed ETFs have foreign assets, does that complicate the tax process further or is that still considered to be foreign status property?
– Will a Canadian resident who invested in U.S ETFs be subjected to foreign currency gains or losses?
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